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Camels Moving Out

Desert Sands

Mari Heading Up Notice the Dust!

A Modern Caravan

Dunes Near and Far

Our First Group Photo Top of the Dune

Head of Said at Top of Dune

Mari Just Arriving at Top of Dune

Camel Tourists Arriving at Bottom of Dune for Sunset View at Top

Sunset From Top of Dune

Inside Hotel Yes the Lap of Luxury

We see that many Moroccan men spend a huge amt of time sitting in outside cafe's drinking coffee or mint tea! They sit and watch the street passersby...wish we knew language and could eves drop to hear what they discuss, often very animated. They seem to be very observant of all that goes on...we watch them watching, ha!

Stayed at Nasser"s Palace Hotel on the edge of the Sahara Desert, mostly Berber mostly on tourism and subsistance agriculture. Ski, snowboard, boogy board down dunes 300 meters high, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, camel treks, overnight to even 3 week excursions into desert to oases of Berbers or nomad camps.

Our stay in Hotel was pleasant, it was

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