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Mari Sleeping in Casa Airport(Kiddie Play Area)

Walking the Beach, Tim & Mari #695

Mari on the Beach Outside Casablanca

Bon on the Beach(What's w/ the Tongue?)

Lots of Resort-type Places Along Here

A Selection of Some of the Shells We Found

An In-focus Shot of the Shells +

Group Photo Looking Back From Whence We Came

Group Photo Looking in the Other Direction

And Another at the End of the Beach Walk

Interior of Huge Mosque

Another View Inside of Huge Mosque

Huge Mosque, Second Largest in the World

Interior of Part of Mosque Entry

Mari & Tim Showing a Bit of Reverence in Front of Mosque

A Distance Shot Outside of Huge Mosque

Looking Up At Tower From Whence the Call to Prayer is Blasted...

Another View of Huge Entry Arch Into Mosque

And This View of Mosque From Quite a Distance #717

As I said, we hung around today...went to the beach via city bus #9 about 5 Km to just past the McDs, Mari went in to use the facilities, a great benefit to McD everywhere, you can count on their restrooms! Toilet paper too! On the beach perhaps a mile long we just strolled picking up shells, Bon pointed out that I couldnt carry them with me(my bags are too full as they are) and we should just take a pic which we did...will upload when I can...

When we reached the end of this crescent, quite clean beach Mari saw a fellow picking up trash esp plastic so she began to do likewise...I got into it a little before he moved on and then on the way back we packed a bag full of "stuff" and left it for them to pick up.

Since this was the last Ramadan day there were hardly no people on the beach and it was slightly overcast and breezy, perfect weather. Went to McDs of course, since nothing is open for eating anywhere while in Ramadan until after sunset!!! It is a bit confusing because apparently some Muslims were still fasting and then there were others in McDs eating!? Hmmm...

Back at the hostel we met Max at 8:30 and headed out intending to take a taxi to the train station...first taxi that stopped Max bargained for a trip all the way to the airport for the same as it would have been to taxi to train and take train($4 US approx)

The security at the airport is pretty lax and we easily went thru, we thot maybe it would be like Europe or US where youd have to have a ticket to get in but no...played Farkel and Shithead...Max was quite a good player and we now have a new term for TWO consecutive throws of 1 2 3 4 5 6 = 1000, its a Max, ha! We have never before seen it happen but Max did it...not only that but we were all very close at the end, Bon had been leading and kind of allowed everyone to catch up. Then she threw the dice but didn't see it until Max stopped her to point out the 123456, and then lo and behold Bon threw it again, 2 MAXs in one game and she won!

I realize this must be facinating to many of you who aren't familiar with Farkel but, well it was a momentous event for us, ha!

At any rate, Jake's plane arrived on time, he had only carry on luggage so came out quite soon and met Max before we all said goodbyes and hellos & Max disappeared to find a sleeping spot. Then we surprized poor Jake by welcoming him to his overnite in the airport! Jake being Jake took it well, just glad to be here!

Back to the hostel by 7:30am and we found the fellow who kind of runs the place in the a.m. a bit antagonistic...he ran hot and cold the whole time we were there...Jake later told us that he made Jake pay full price just to lie down for an hour and a half in the dorm room before they chased us out at 10 (old hostel rules here)! Our bus was lvg at 11 anyway so a short walk and away we went on to Fes!

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