Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

Moose - be warned!

A bull moose on the side of the road. He was gigantic.

A cow and 2 calfs grazing


Rocky clifs on side of road

Fog in the Cape Briton highlands

The winding road through the highlands

Entering the Gulf of St. Lawrence

A hike from our camp in the provincial park


Robert Brook

Fall color at McKinnon Point

Fall color on St. Patrick Channel

More fall colors

Leaving Cape Briton Island

The bridge to the rest of Nova Scotia

Our last camp in Nova Scotia at Oasis Campground in Antigonish

Thursday, Oct. 4

We left Meat Cove on Thursday morning and headed around the Cabot Trail in a westerly direction. We saw a big bullmoose with a great rack of antlers - almost in the road in front of us, and later saw a female browsing with her two calves (pretty big themselves!). It was a cloudy and somewhat foggy day, and we camped at another National Park Campground, at Cheticamp. The sun cam out and we took a short hike, and settled in for the night in our campsite beside a babbling brook We could see the beginnings of the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend as people poured in in their big RVs.

Friday, Oct. 5

On Friday we left Cape Briton Island and drove to Antigonish, back on the north shore of the "main" island of Nova Scotia, and spent a quiet night at the same Oasis Motel and Campground as we had several days previous.

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