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our little bamboo hut

view from our hut

kitten and puppy love

Becky of the jungle

the river

one million spiders

From Nan we travelled north to the edge of Doi Phu Kha National Park, way up in the mountains near Laos. We found an amazing place to stay, called Bamboo Hut. The owner (William) was from the surrounding Luwa village and was the Mayor of a group of 13 villages. Our little hut was right on the edge of a mountain with spectacular views. There was no electricity, no showers (just a bucket of cold water!) and the owner cooked all our meals. At night we sat around a fire with the owner and learned all about the Luwa people and the political and ecological issues of the area. We were able to hike all over the surrounding mountains on the trails that the villagers use. We especially enjoyed walking for hours along and through a nearby river. At the Bamboo Hut William had great pets, including a puppy and a kitten that were constantly ambushing each other. The only problem with this place was that Becky got plagued by caterpillars which left her with an itchy rash on her neck. Oh well, it was worth it! This place was close to our ideal of paradise.

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