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Up early again for tea and biscuits before leaving for our 4th and final game drive. Within minutes of leaving the camp we came across a rhino who wanted to cross the road beside us! Saw various antelope including sable and impala. Went to a different lake today where we saw about 6 hippos, giraffe, Africa fish eagles, impala, rhino, kingfishers, heron... We then saw a couple of elephants feeding off some trees. Still nor more lions or leopard though. Some others saw a leopard yesterday but we missed it by 10 mins!

Once back at the camp we had another lovely brunch - sausages, scrambled egg and beans with kidney beans.

Last minute gift shopping followed then it was goodbye to the team sadly and off to the airport to start our trek to Bloemfontein. The drive to the airport was great - literally just outside our camp we came across a family of elephants right on the roadside which was an absolute bonus as we only had a 15 minute drive to get out of the park from out camp!

The drive then continued through a 'village' of 800,000 people! We were able to take some fantastic photos. Most of the villagers were able to buy a plot of land for ZAR125 as long as they built their own home - as a result there is a large array of properties!

We were dropped at the airport only to discover that our flight was running late - what a surprise! I think we are jinxed as all our flights have been late so far! OK flight though and landed in Jo'burg with plenty of time for catching the next one. Got checked in in plenty of time only to discover that the flight before ours was running 2 hours late which didn't bode well. Although ours was late it was only about 30 mins late! Was a good job really as I had forgotten to tell Claudine that our original flight time had been moved forward.

Flight was fine. Flight attendant was hilarious - told everyone to have an early night as obviously had too good a holiday weekend as all asleep on journey!

Claudine was at the airport - was fantastic to see her! Turns out she had had to work most of the weekend and will have to work on Tuesday as well...not great but such is life. As a result we are only to stay one night at Claudines and have 3 nights in Ladybrand instead which I'm quite happy about as it is beautiful there!

Claudine made Spag Bol for dinner, we chatted - lots to catch up on and then after helping Claudine with some stuff it was off to bed. We planned to lie in in the morning and meet up with Elaine, Claudine's mum, to transfer to the farm where Claudine will join us once she has done her work!

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