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arrived in rosario on the 8th of october which turns out to be the 40th anniversary of che guevaras death. he was born in rosario. next morning we went to see the house where he was born but its just got offices in it now. went to another museum of indigenous peoples which was interesting. we were only gonna stay in the hostel (rosario inn) for the 1 night but ezequiel, one of the members of staff got a phonebook for me so i could look up the bolgers. there was only one number so he called n then put me on the phone. i spoke to daniela who was born here but left for the states when she was 4. it was pure luck that she was there to speak english so i explained the story to her. turns out she was visiting because that day was the grandmothers 90th birthday! she was delighted and was eager to meet up so she took the hostel number. me n kirsten went out shopping that afternoon and when we got back to the hostel melisa bolger had left a message. shortly after that she rang the hostel and said she'd dropped by on her way to work but we weren't back. she was working til 1am that night but invited us to the birthday party and said she would join later. we got a taxi over to the apartment and were greeted by the family who were extremely friendly and great fun! even the granny was making jokes which daniela translated for us. melisa's dad was there with his wife, he's dona (grannys) son. melisa is 23,a medical student,singer and drummer. and her brother damien is 19, her works on rescue boats. we talked about the bolger family tree and they said theyd found it quite difficult to get records. they showered us with wine, beer and birthday cake and singing! they even drove us back to our hostel afterwards, very kind people.

we arranged to meet melisa the following day. herself and damien came to the hostel and took us to her apartment where we had lunch and chatted more. turns out she had only recentlt been thinking about going to ireland and looking for family there! we exchanged all our contacts so we'll all defo be staying in touch. she went off to college later and we got the bus to our next destination in argentina - tucuman.

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