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The Plut family - Franc, Holly, Andreja, Madja, Janja - outside the...

800 year old Rodine "family" church, under renovation (Janja & Madja)

The "old" family Pecaver house - rebuilt 100 years ago after the...

Sisters Janja & Andreja Plut

Janja & mother Madja - next to the iron coal fire heater...

Frank Pecaver (Sr.) baptism certificate - 1922 (Frank is brother to "Grandpa"...

Frank Pecaver (Sr.) and Maria (2nd wife) wedding photo

Pecaver made furniture - made by Frank Sr ~ 1930

Pecaver made end tables - made by Frank Sr ~ 1930

Madja's embroidery (runs in the family!) & Franc's (Plut) homemade pear and...

Pecaver (Plut) girls - Andreja (25), Holly (?), Janja (18)

Franc's weekend house wine room - for making white, dessert wine, schnapps...

Recently harvested grapes, in the wine room

Rob & Franc - Sampling the goods

Wine press, handmade by Frank Pecaver (Sr.)

View from the weekend house, Rodine

Pecaver (Plut) girls, on the weekend house porch

The Plut sisters - Andreja & Janja

The "new" family Plut house in Crnomelj, Slovenia

Family Plut - Franc, Janja, Madja (Pecaver) & Andreja

Shelling roasted chestnuts from the trees oustide, in aqua is Madja's sister...

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