Granny's First Trip 2007 travel blog

OK, finally finishing this. We went from Alabama to Amanda and Jeff's place. We got lost tryng to find them and ran out of road and had to back up and turn the RV around in a ditch. With the rain down here things are a little muddy and I almost got stuck, but put the truck in 4Hi and pulled it out of the mud. Too bad I did not pay attention to the telephone pole behind me. As the RV swung around back onto the road, I clipped the pole and scuffed the rear corner of the RV. Good thing John is such a great brother-in-law that he is going to fix it for me. :)

We made it to Jeff and Amanda's and got to see Beau. I got to relax and calm down. Jeff has done a lot of work and their house is really coming along. Beau is getting big and is keeping Amanda busy. We left them in the morning and made it to Ocala without anymore problems. Granny says that we filled up the truck 57 times and drove almost 8,000 miles. She had a good time.

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