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Early morning at Nacadoches

On the road again @ Houston

Houston skyline

Along the highway near Victoria, TX

Getting close to the valley

No one here but us

Our grapefruit tree

We'll eat 'em all before we leave

Yes we are all set up at Llano Grande Resort. In the same site as last year.

We awoke yesterday in Nacogdoches, and had our usual morning coffee while waiting for daylight. We pulled out of Paradise Lake RV Resort at 7:30 AM. Traffic was heavy with people going to work. Ugh!

The traffic continued to be heavy around Lufkin and in Houston. We decided to just stay on Hwy 59 South through Houston, rather than take the beltway around. That turned out to be a good decision. We arrived at Houston at 10:00 AM and were southwest of the metro area by 10:40. We could see that we were making good time and decided to press on for the valley, rather than stop in Victoria, which was our original plan.

We passed through Victoria at 12:30 and knew that we had four more hours to go.

We called Llano Grande and they said to come on in and park. We could check in the next morning, which is today.

We arrived at the resort exactly at 4:30 PM and were all set up by 5:30. We sat outdoors in the shade, having a cold drink, and relaxed for awhile, but were both tired from nine hours of driving and went to bed early.

You might be interested to know that our fuel mileage wasn't too bad. On the I-30 going to Texarkana, we were at 11.8 mpg. Once we got into traffic and stopping at lights, etc, the mileage went down and for the entire trip to Nacogdoches we had 11.4 mpg. Still not bad for towing our heavy rig. The trip from Nacogdoches to the Valley gave us an overall 11.3 mpg. It was 11.5 until I got a little bit of a heavy foot as we neared our destination. :)

I have pictures from the first day and from yesterday to post for you so check back in. We have much to do this morning and I won't get to the pictures until later today.

We were shocked to see the mostly empty resort. We are only the third RV here in the new section. You will see a photo of the empty sites. Come on down!

We slept great last night and have had our morning coffee this morning. Now we will get started on the day. It is a gorgeous morning with absolutely clear skies and low humidity. But it will get warm today. They are forecasting 90 degrees for a high.

Well folks it is time to get busy. I can't wait to see what this wonderful day has in store.....

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