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Hershey's Trolley

Hershey's 3D Theater

Trolley Tour - Chocolate Kiss Street Light

Trolley Tour - Hershey Garden

Factory Tour - Singing Cows

Factory Tour - Mixing Milk, Chocolate and Sugar

Factory Tour - Refining

Factory Tour - Kisses 100th Anniversary

After lunch we drove over to Hershey to visit Hershey's Chocolate World. What an operation it is! This year they are celebrating "100 Years of Happy" so there were special activities, especially during the summer. Company founder, Milton Hershey, was a very generous man. He even built homes for his employees and sold them at cost. Before becoming such a success with his candy factory, he had failed miserably at several other ventures.

We started our visit by seeing the "Really Big 3D Show" in their theater. It featured a woman interacting with animated Hershey's product characters on the big screen. There were even sprays of mist, rumbling, floor shaking and soap bubbles at appropriate intervals. It was very cleverly done and was great fun.

After the show we took a trolley tour around the area to see the candy factory, Mr. Hershey's home, his school for underprivileged children, the hospital, the golf course, the garden and other sites.

When we had returned from the trolley tour we took the Great American Chocolate Tour, which began in a tropical rain forest where cocoa beans grow. We followed the process as the beans were harvested and shipped to this country. We rode in little bumper-type cars through a simulated factory. It looked very realistic.

After each of these activities, we received free candy samples.

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