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We have had slide problems off and on during the trip. Sometimes they don't come in right away. Electrical problem. We are staying right next to a Tiffin dealer so we decided to hang around and have them fix it (under warranty). They need to order a part (of course) and thought it would be in today but ..... should come in tomorrow.

Things happen for a reason -- We really needed the rest off the road again so it's been OK.

We have walked through the Opry Hotel a couple of times in the last few days. I can't tell you how big this thing is... and beautiful. There is a large courtyard in the middle of it, big enough to have a canal and rafts going through it. It is all enclosed by a glass roof and climate controlled. Flowers and trees to no end. All these pictures are taken INSIDE of the hotel. This is something. If you ever wanted a 4 day vacation - I would say fly into Nashville and stay here and take in the show (of course I'm sure it's not cheap!) The hotel, Opry house and Mall are all close together.

Also we went to a movie today - Game Plan Wonderful movie - plain and simple but really good.

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