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Here it is another day at The Mark Twain Cave. Sorry I have not been on line for awhile. PC problems, but I think they are fixed now. It cost me $50 to clean uo my PC. A lot of changes have taken place here at the cave. Susie our General Mgt. has moved on, now we have a new lady in her place. She is nice lady and I think things will get better.

I still am working as a guide and I fill in at the rock shop. They finally are traning me on the ticket counter. Hooray after 7 years. I think I will like it.

We plan to head home to Tenn. for the winter around the 7th of November. I will miss some of the workers here. I already miss some who allready left. Some of them will be back next year. Some probly will not. They don't like the changes.

The cave was on the weather channel the other day. They told how the weather dose not change in the cave. We have some people have come here because of that film. We also had three tornatos come through this area a few days back. They told of how we had about 40 people in the cave till they passed. Wow what an exp.

Well it's bed time, so catch ya later..

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