The Bolingers' Asia Trip October 2007 travel blog

Oct 21

Today we had to be ready by 8 a.m. We were scheduled to go through the first ship lock. It was the Gezhou Dam. It took one hour from the time we started moving towards the lock to the time it opened for us to go through. We started with 42 meters above sea level and it took 7 minutes for the water level to rise to 62 meters and then the lock opened. After the passage, we entered the Xiling Gorge which continues for 1.30 hs. The Yangtze River Dam project will displace 1.4 million people, towns will totally disappear since the water will cover everything. The government is building comparable houses for them at a much higher elevation to keep neighborhoods together. The reason for the Chinese government to embark in this very expensive project is to provide China with more electricity better environmental air to take care of their pollution and smog.

As I said there is a lot of smog, pollution, and mist in this part of the world, including Japan. This condition affects the quality of the pictures and video but it is better than having nothing.

The views of the mountains and the houses of the farmers on both sides are very picturesque but the weather is very windy and cold, specifically standing outside in the bow. Although I had sunglasses on my eyes were bloodshot but I did not want to come inside.

We had three hours to relax in our room before going to lunch. Today was our turn to have the late seating for lunch and dinner. They alternate seating times for lunch and dinner and this is fine with us.

This afternoon we went for an excursion ashore to see the construction project of the Three Dams up close. It was a 2-hour bus and walking tour. Then at 5 p.m. our boat passed through a five-step ship of the new lock.

After dinner there was a modeling show but we went to a bar instead.

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