Ginny's Adventures 2007 travel blog

Looking back at Rte 50 from whence I came

Looking forward at the summit, tree line, and communications towers

What a store this is! Has lots of good stuff for everyone

Monarch Pass expecting more snow very soon - 39 degrees at 1...

I'm parked at the very summit - all downhill from here!

Wow - ptasrmigan in Colorado! I thought that was an Alaskan thing

This day trip took me over the Rockies! I am surprised that I could do that in one day and that I wasn't going up and down more than I did! I did go up one big hill and down the other side and had to go into first gear in order to make it at about 25 miles per hour, even with the Banks Power System installed. I dread to think how I would have made the climb without it! We followed the Arkansas River down the eastern side of the tallest mountain and even into Pueblo, where we will be staying for a few days to take in all the sites here.

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