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Texan Bay Marina


Casting a fishing net from a cayuco

Exploring Jute Creek near Cayo Grande

Trying to capture the sound of the jungle on video


Following in the dingy down to the gorge to get some photos




Captain Fix It to the rescue

Gail with Kevin (4) playing with the new flashlight/radio


Ana Patricia (15)

Waxing our hull

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Rio Lampara

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Jute Creek

If you are tired of watching the Captain and I explore peaceful little jungle rivers then you probably won't want to check out the videos. We have yet to tire of these mysterious little wonderlands and did some more exploring this past week as we took a trip to the far end of the Golfete.

The first night was a major disappointment as we anchored in a little spot called Texan Bay. I longed to sleep with the hatch open, feel the breeze and hear the wildlife but what we ended up hearing was the noisy generator that the boat next to us had on his deck. He ran it all night and it literally kept us awake. The night was cool enough that we didn't need ac so it was a real shame.

AFter exploring a little in the dingy, we pulled up the anchor and went back to the lovely spot where we spent our very first night in Guatemala, anchored beside Cayo Grande, a peaceful tropical paradise. I spotted a large toucan up in the trees with my binoculars and we really enjoyed the jungle sounds from shore.

I scrubbed the hull from bow to stern and the back deck and transom, ridding us of zillions of spider nests and eggs and little babies. It's the time to do this hot work when anchored so I can jump in the water every time I got hot.

Before heading back to the marina we took the boat up the gorge to take some photos. I followed in the dingy so we could get shots of her underway. I was having a great time until I stalled the engine. I was trying to restart it when all of a sudden flames started shooting out. I called to John in the big boat, who of course couldn't hear

me. He had wanted me to take the hand held radio but I didn't want our chatter to spoil the video. Finally he heard what I was saying or figured it out, since I was splashing water on the engine. "Take your shirt off, wet it and put it over the engine" he yelled. So I ripped off my shirt, sending all the buttons popping into the river and

dumped in it the water. By then the fire was out and my favourite shirt was ruined. Some guys will do anything to get you to take your shirt off!

It turns out that a gas line has come undone and of course Captain Fix It fixed it but it sure livened up my photo session.

When we arrived back at Marios the sailboat which is usually docked RIGHT beside us was just pulling out. YES! Not only do we have a much nicer view but it was a perfect time to have the hull waxed, since it is so sparkling clean. We have Marco's boys waxing the boat for us and she is gleaming! The labour rates are very low here, in fact it is only $3.00/hr to have this done and it's hot work, too hot for me back here at the dock.

Two of my three walking buddies are gone for now. Sarah has gone by boat to Belize and Carol has gone by bus to Mexico for 3 weeks so it is just Gail and I and she is leaving for the Honduras Bay Islands en route to Australia in a few days. This morning we walked to Esmerelda and I took some old paints and pencil crayons and paper, paint brushes, a puzzle, some gum and a cool wind up flashlight with a radio in it that our friend Mikey gave us to the kids in the village. They draw amazing pictures for their age though, probably because they don't spend ANY time sitting in front of a television. They are very poor and appreciate anything we can spare.

Gail and Ted brought back medical supplies for the villages as do many of the cruisers down here. It take so little to help the people. Tonight we are heading over to Gabriella for dinner before the crew sets sail for the South Pacific and then we will head over to the Cayuco Club for karaoke night. YES I know the Captain always despised karoke but it's a lot of fun here where we now know everyone.

I baked muffins and brownies this morning and have been feeding them to the boys out waxing the boat. I'll make some cheesy scalloped pototoes to take to dinner tonight and that is the simplicity of our life. John went to town and bought a few potatoes and a pineapple. Yesterday there wasn't a single pina to be found in town, today pinas! Bueno!

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