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One of the important squares in Antalya

The fluted minaret in Antalya.

The day just got more and more humid. Stairs became troublesome. Kyla,...

Burned icecream. Not fried, but burned. They burnt the milk before making...

Crazy buses and dolmuses in downtown Antalya

Hadrian's gate. Other Emperors scattered illegitimate children across their lands - Hadrian...

Kyla and our new friend Meral at dinner

The two of us, Meral and Beste sitting down for a dinner...

Imam bayildi - tasty eggplant. We need to eat more eggplant in...






We arrived in Antalya from Olympos, and met our host Meral near her apartment. She, her husband Serdar, and daughter Beste live in the west section of Antalya, in a quiet and peaceful area of 6 to 8 story apartment buildings. Building don't seem to get much higher than that in Turkey, and my thought would be because of the danger of earthquakes in the region. Meral took us out to a local bazaar, and picked up some vegetables and fruits for dinner. She made us a fantastic meal of kofte (the little meatballs), yoghurt soup (a recipe we have to try at home, with boiled rice in it, and paprika and oil drizzled across the top), and other various vegetable dishes. This was the start of being absolutely spoiled with food by Meral. We talked late into the night with her, and Beste, who arrived home from her late night English class. Meral is an english teacher, and Beste appears to be following along in her footsteps.

The next day Beste and her cousin Sinam took us on a tour of Antalya, checking out the sights and shops, and pausing for lunch and an ice cream afterwards. The ice cream was burnt, which was a little odd for our palettes, but nice (they burn the milk before they make the ice cream).

On Sunday, Meral took us to the Antalya museum, which was home to an exceptional, mindblowing number of almost perfect marble statues from 1 site. On their own, each statue would have commanded a central place at any museum, and they had dozens from Perge, a site a little east of Antalya. We walked through what seemed like dozens of parks all along the ocean front, then took a dolmus back to Meral's apartment for our last meal, before taking the overnight bus to Cappadocia. We had a fantastic time with the family, and look forward to staying in touch with them.

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