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Us at Tanah lot

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Tanah Lot Temple is very picturesque. The temple is situated just off shore and is connected by a short walkway that is underwater at high tide. Being that this is a major tourist attraction, there is a nice overlook for visitors to take pictures. There were some big waves today which made for some dramatic pictures when the waves crashed against the temple. We hopped back on the scooter and headed to our next stop.

Driving a motor bike in Bali has been the most nerve wrenching of any other country thus far. Everyone drives on the left side of the road but bikes are considered second class motorists. For example, cars and trucks will pass from the other direction and expect us to move out of the way even though they are in MY lane! Also, motor bikes will drive on the right hand side coming at me while other motor bikes are passing me. So I had to be aware of traffic from almost every direction. But the most un-nerving thing is that it is considered normal to drive (cars, trucks & motor bikes) and pass within one foot of each other, sometimes less distance than that. I am quickly developing some massive road rage. Hopefully, I can contain myself without hurting someone.

We made it safely to a surf spot called Medewi Beach. We decided to rest and watch the surfers for awhile. The surf was pretty good but the current and long paddle out deterred me from renting a board. Other surfers would paddle for 20-30 minutes to catch one wave. The cost benefit just didn't seem to be there.

We weren't really sure where to go next but a nice guy in Medewi said that we could make it to Labuan Lalang in 2-3 hours and also find some cheap accommodation. It was about 3pm so we could make it before sunset. Driving was much better once we got beyond the city and into the countryside. We made it to Labuan Lalang, which is actually in Bali National Park, and found that most of the hotels had closed down. As we were driving around we stopped and asked a park ranger where to stay for the night. He suggested we backtrack a bit to find cheap lodging. We chose to press on for another 20 minutes driving west to find a decent but pricier selection of places to stay. Pemuteran, a small fishing village, is actually where many of the resorts are located. We found an excellent resort and villa complex called Sari Bali Cottages. Once we looked at the villa that was to be ours, we just couldn't say no regardless of the price. We were SOLD!!

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