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We finally left cold, rainy San Diego and started our journey south! Yeah! Here is a quick itinerary.

Thursday, January 13th we departed San Diego at 11:30AM after refueling and getting the boat ready. It took us another hour to get out of the bay (big bay). The day had started out warm and sunny, however, by 1:00PM it was cold and windy. We decided to stop at Isla Coronados, just inside the Mexico border. We anchored off the south island and spent a long night on anchor watch. The waves, wind and sea were very uncomfortable! Not much rest for the sailors aboard.

Friday, January 14th we departed at 6:00AM and spent the next 36 hours motorsailing down the coast of Baja. It was a very long trip and cold trip. Long underware was the dress of the day and night. However, the sunrise over Isla San Martin was beautiful on the 15th of January and then the dolphins came out to play. There is such beauty out on the seas! We finally anchored off the coast of Isla Jeronimo at 4:00 PM on the 15th. That was a wonderful anchorage, calm and quiet.

Sunday, January 16th we departed about 10:00 AM for Bajia San Carlos to spend the night. Again, it was cool but sunny and we also spotted whales starting their journey back to Alaska! They are really big! You do not want to get to close to those beautiful mammals!

Monday, January 17th we left San Carlos at 1:00 AM in the cold, dark of night. Mr. Moon was not cooperating and was going down early. However, there were lots and lots of starts left out to enjoy. We arrived at Isla Cedros about 4:00 PM in the afternoon and found another quiet, calm, anchorage to spend the night.

Tuesday, January 18th we departed about 8:30 AM for Turtle Bay. Can you believe we actually got to turn off the motor and sail the boat for about 3 hours! Up until today, we had been motorsailing the whole way south as the wind was not going in the direction we wanted to go or the wind was not to be found! We arrived in Turtle Bay about 4:30 PM. It was warm! Beautiful bay!

Wednesday, January 19th Slug day! We read, relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather.

Thursday, January 20th We went into town to discover the showers, bakery and what the town had to offer.

Friday, January 21th Can you believe they have an Internet cafe! We will probably leave here for Ascension on Monday and then Abrejos on Tuesday where we plan to go to San Ignacio to see the whales up close and personal. Once we leave there it will be another 300 miles until we get to Cabo San Lucas. We will probably send another update at that time. Until then, see on you on the ocean!

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