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Yesterday was one of those "git 'er done" days. I wanted to get the oil changed on the truck and we needed groceries, so off we went back to the I-30 interstate and turned east back toward Little Rock. The Cloud Nine RV Resort is very nice but it is a long was from anywhere. It is 12 miles back to the Interstate Exit 111 and then 7 more miles back to exit 118 to find the nearest Ford dealer.

They worked us right in and we waited only a reasonable time before they were all finished. Then we were off to find the Wal Mart.

With the back seat loaded with groceries we finally headed back to the RV resort.

We managed to grab a couple of sandwiches from "Subway" for lunch, but later in the day, around dinner time, I grilled some hamburgers, which were delicious.

We took a walk, then sat in our lounge chairs with a cold drink, before going back inside to read and just chill out.

We made some plans for today. We want to do some hiking in the National Park here.

I want to take my GPS along today and maybe do some geo-caching. We look forward to having a few fun-filled days before we move on toward Texas.

I hope to have pictures for you as we move around the area today.

We are planning to leave here next Tuesday morning, with no reservations for a place to stay. We think it will take us three days to get to Choke Canyon State Park, where we will spend a few days before moving on down to the valley. We hope Rick & Sherry will be able to come down to visit us while we are at Choke Canyon. We look forward to seeing them again as well as Deb & Brian if they are able to come along.

Then, when we get to the valley, we will see our good friends from last year. Most of them will be back, but we still have fond memories for the ones who will be missing from the group.

Well folks, Marilyn has our coffee ready so I had better get moving. I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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