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Our hotel in the Jewish quarter

Lobby / bar / restaurant of our hotel

Wow number 1

Wow number 2

Wow number 3

The Flamenco show

Flamenco! The dancer

Real Duende, the soulful singer

Virtual duende

It´s a beautiful clear evening as we set out to walk to the Flamenco concert. We venture onto some new streets (more like alleys that form a maze) that run through the Old City of Sevilla. It has taken us two days to master getting back to our hotel in one go so we´re really being very brave. We are rewarded for our bravery with a ¨3 WOW Wander¨.

As we turn a corner and look up at a balcony that has cascading trailing geraniums we see a sign for Juderia Street. We follow this street until we get to what must have been the gates of the Jewish Ghetto. Through the gates we go winding our way along an S-curved tunnel at the centre of which is a moorish style dome beautifully lit up. (WOW 1)

This leads us out onto the plaza beside the Alcazar which is lined with, at least, 75 orange trees, all laden with sweet smelling oranges. As we look up to see the homes that surround the plaza we catch sight of the tower of the Cathedral of Sevilla which is magnificently lit up against the midnight blue sky. (WOW 2) Across the plaza we walk, taking in the fragrance of the oranges and out through an archway to WOW 3, the cathedral in full view, so beautiful that you just stand in awe and wonder how they constructed such a piece of gothic architecture so long ago.

As we are traveling during low season, we´re often the only ones visiting a site which is how we experienced our 3 WOW Wander on a beautiful evening in Sevilla. We had it totally to ourselves, which seems somewhat selfish but it really makes for some memorable moments!


The clapping castinets, the strumming guitar and the loud banging of her high heels on the cork floor. Can you guess what I´m talking about? Going once, going twice, going... oh never mind, you´re right! Flamenco dancing.

We went to the cheapest one in town, and coincidentally it was in the old ghetto. It was a place where one night they had Sephardi Jewish music, and the other they would have traditional flamenco dancing. We were there for the flamenco night.

We got there early so that we could look around the Sephardi museum. It wasn´t too exciting, except for the yellow and blue ceramic tiling all along the staircase. We then went to the room where the show was. It was beautiful. With no roof it was chilled until they turned on the out door heaters. The front wall sparkled with roses winding between the long green vines. There was the stage made of what looked like cork with two chairs set up in the middle of the stage. Around the stage were candles in golden cages carved in intricate designs to let the light out to flicker about the room. There were pots and bowls filled with water and floating flowers of different colours.

Then the show started and the guitarist started tuning his instrument. The singer came in and started singing with the most amazing voice. The opening piece finished and the flamenco dancer came on. Her high heeled shoes tapping on the floor while she swished around her black dress with brightly coloured polka dots. It´s amazing how fast she can move her feet, how she can twist her arms around while pinching the loud castinets. Then she finished, I was sad at the thought of the show being over, but then I heard more high heels on cork floor, I looked up and there she was in an orange dress with green and yellow spots. I saw a yellow semi circle flashing through the air and realized that it was a wooden fan. The guitar started and I heard the singer`s amazing voice again. Before I knew it the show was actually over I wasn´t as sad because now I really felt like I had seen traditional flamenco dancing in the old Jewish quarter in Seville, Spain. I couldn`t wait untill I could see it again.

Hannah :D (:

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