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Said our goodbyes to the Astolfis and wondered when we would see them all again. Was feeling a little wary of a 7 hour flight to Brunei but we needn't have worried. It seemed to go very quickly. The kids enjoyed the 'Surfs Up' movie and 'Spiderman 3' and it was great to have the laptop working for added amusement. Alessandra enjoyed looking out of the window as we passed over Indonesia and Holly had me in hysterics using her toothpick to create pea kebabs (but hey...she ate the peas!). A very smooth arrival in Brunei and we got picked up by the hotel van. Brunei looked clean and green in the dark and lovely and warm (Brunei is only 450km north of the equator). It feels good to be back in Asia with the familiar sights, sounds and smells and the friendliness of the people. We were in our room two minutes when someone arrived with a tray of delicious cold punch and a heap of Brunei promotional postcards and bookmarks.

Unfortunately there was a problem with our connecting rooms with some guy holing himself up in one of them (sounds kind of rude doesn't it?) so we got a free night but with rooms on either side of the hotel. Phil got lucky and got the twin beds so didn't have to put up with kicker 1 or kicker 2 but after 5 nights in Oz Im well getting used to it.

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