The Carlson's Travels - 2007 travel blog

Filling the water tank. Note the boiler angle

The cog track in the center

Ready to go

Heading up the mountain. Check the straight track ...

Pour on a little coal will ya

The trees are straight ...

The trestle - Jacob's Ladder - 37.41% Grade

Chain drive cog wheel

The actual summit of Mt. Washington

Our Brakeman getting us down the mountain

The front window of the car gets pretty dirty. The other train...

It's a loooong way down. That's the trestle again.

Lunch at the station. Gads eating again

A little color by the road

A field of flowers and fall colors on the mountains beyond

Road colors

Country road

A rocky river and lots of color

They don't get much prettier than this one

Some ski runs ... just needs a little snow

Cute little pond on the way back to camp

Color by the river

A leaf in the stream

Color in the woods

It's getting awful pretty here in New England

The group got onto the school bus this morning at 8:00 to go up to the Mt. Washington Cog Railway. We on the other hand decided to drive ourselves so we could take a different route home and hopefully see some of the fall colors.

Mt Washington is known for having the worst weather in the United States. They have measured wind speeds up to 231 MPH. The wind was probably higher, but at 231 mph the instrumentation was blown off the mountain. They have recorded snow fall every month of the year. When we got to the top, the sun was shining, but the temprature was about 48, so it wasn't to bad.

The ride to the top on the Cog Railway was a real adventure. The engines pushing us up the mountain are coal fired steamers. As you can see from the photos, the stack is pretty close to the coach. Makes for a lot of smoke inside, cinders too if you happen to have a window open. Had some pretty steep stretches along the track, at the trestle they call "Jacob's Ladder", the grade is 37.41%. Some of us tried to walk up hill in this section, it was tough. We only had about 20 minutes at the top. By the time everyone was off we only had about 10 minutes. By the time everyone had a potty stop it was time to get back on the train for the return trip.

We were treated to a buffet lunch back down at the station. (Gads, seems like all we do on these caravans is eat!) After lunch we took off to see some of the colors.

We stopped along the road several times. Had some nice color along some of the rivers and around some of the ponds. There is a lot of the fall colors, but we don't think they have reached their peak yet. Probably next week.

We stopped by where the Old Man of the Mountain used to be. The formation collapsed and fell a few years ago, nothing left to see today. They have a small museum near one of the observation areas.

Got back to camp about 6ish. Will be leaving camp for Montpelier, VT in the morning.

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