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Old Venetian part of Horas, a town on Naxos. Biggest island in...

Horas on the island of Naxos, nice beachfront street with bars and...

Fishing line waiting for repair. I think patience may be needed.

We made it to Naxos yesterday with the big ferries running on a very windy day. It was only a 2-hour trip from Santorini and didn't feel too rough considering the winds. Upon arrival at port the touts were all over Al and I again. We had a preference of going to a place called Irene 2 but the area for information was empty. One of the touts was female and Al thought we should give her a chance to show us her place so we ended up going to a place called Pension Stella with Georgia. It was cute! It had a kitchenette, small balcony; it was close to the harbour with sailing boats, beaches and walking areas for 20 Euros so we decided to stay.

After a good nights sleep we explored the harbour area looking for ferry trip information to Samos (another Greek island) and into Turkey. It sounds like our only options are to take a ferry at 3:10 am to Samos and then on to Turkey either the same day or spend a night and then head over. The latter sounds more relaxing.

We walked to the residential Kastro with its narrow alleyways. Very quaint and no traffic. We stopped at the Mitropolis Museum to see the fragments of what's left of the Mycenaean city of the 13-15th centuries B.C. We found a bookstore where we can trade our used books too. So far I like this island better than Santorini. By the way we walked over 20,000 steps today and my feet feel it since I walked in my sandals again.

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