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The weather forecast for today was not ideal but the temperatures are expected to drop daily for the rest of the week. This is our best "window of opportunity" to make a run for home, at least for the forseable future. It is supposed to be snowing at home by Friday.

We waited until about 10:00 AM and the temperature was not too bad, perhaps 10 C. The wind, however, was another story. The side winds were very strong making the "feels like" temperature pretty chilly.

Janine had picked up some of those hand and foot warmers that you stick in your gloves and shoes. This seemed to help her quite a bit.

The roads from Great Falls to Calgary are all pretty straight and boring but the time and miles seemed to go by fairly quickly. We arrived at the Canada/US border by about 1:00 PM then waited in line about 20-30 minutes. There was only one booth open and they seemed to give everyone the third degree.

We had to shut off the bike, remove our helmets, hand over our passports and submit to a pretty good grilling about who were, where we had been, what are we carrying, where did we buy the bike, etc., etc., etc.

At one point they asked if we had any repairs done. I said no, which was true, then they asked Janine the same question. Trying to trip us up or something? I guess you are assumed to be a liar until proven otherwise. Welcome home!

The rest of the trip was pretty straight forward, although just as windy. We arrived at my Dad's house in Calgary by about 5:30 PM, had a nice dinner and visit then stayed the night. Tomorrow we will head home to Red Deer, the final leg of this trip.

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