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Hey All,

So I really wanted to go to Greece after finishing up in Nice, I even found a cheap cruise where I would've gotten to go to turkey but the only slightly reasonable flights I could find had me training to Milan to fly to athens to fly back to milan to fly back to Lille which realistically weren't all that reasonable really. But my french prof told us about Corsica which is a French island but is also actually have italian and they're really separatist. Kinda like Quebec really I suppose... except all the street signs are in french and italian but some kind sole has taken it upon themselves to shoot out half of them so you can't read where you're going. Atleast the took out the french and italian. No favourism there.

So Chris and I hopped on a ferry boat over that left from nice and took 5 hours. And even though it left at 7am naturally I was waaaay too excited to sleep anymore on the ferry. I think that Chris might've been a smidgen exasperated with me... (see the pictures with the yogurt and the apple on facebook if you need an explanation). Anyways we got to Corsica but we hadn't managed to find a place to stay before we left because we couldn't find mention of any hostels anywhere on the internet.

The people at the tourism office told us that there were no hostels in town and that all the hotels were full. And I wish someone else could've been there because he said it so matter-of-factly, like it was no problem at all and why would be find this information to be discomforting. He then recommended a hotel out of town and said don't worry its only a 40 euro taxi ride (RIDICULOUS that's like a night's stay in a cheap hotel) but suggested we might be able to find a hotel the next night so we should walk down the road and go to one. Well turns out they were not full for the next night or even the same night so we booked in with them and cursed that stupid tourism guy for not being able to operate his computer system. From there we went for a wander did a bit of swimming and completely passed out on the beach for a solid 4 hours. Glorious. Omg and the water there is amazing. If you stand up on the beach wall you can literally seen the bottom for as far as you can see.

That night we got the great idea that we would rent scooters and drive up the coast and swim in a few places. In hind sight this was a TERRIBLE idea.

We got up that morning and hurried up to the scooter place. As I got a drunken phone call from a fellow in montreal ;) I left chris to rent the scooters. Turns out he's SMRT because he left his driver's license in his dorm room in lyon so we could only rent one scooter and I had to be the sole driver. Now people who wrote off a motorcycle and literally have not been on a two-wheeled motorized vehicle since equals Robin and I've also NEVER ever ever ever taken a passenger so naturally I was just tickled pink when I found out that I would be acquiring a 200lb backpack for scootering.

But as I was in charge of driving I left Chris in charge of navigating. Seemed only fair and he could read the signs better than me... or so I thought. We had a plan to head up the coast and look at the natural beauty of the island. That meant heading on the coast route up to one of the other main cities Calvi. I will give Chris that the highways are a smidgen challenging however when I pointed out the sign that said Calvi by the sea he very convincingly said that was not the route we wanted. Anyways about 40 minutes into our drive we took a break and I managed to convince him on the map that we infact were not going the right way at all but instead were headed straight for the middle of the island. Now Corsica is not actually that big but when you're on a 125CC scooter stuff tends to be a lot further. We decided however that we would just continue on and sort of go backwards on our intended route. BIG MISTAKE. Our entire day of scootering ended up taking 8 hours, we did 250km and this is the real kicker... 2 mountain passes. Yes that's right I even saw a ski hill. And as our original plan had been to just go up the coast all I was wearing was flip flops, shorts, a tank top and a light top. so i was UNBELIEVABLY COLD. Chris actually took to hiding during breaks because he was convinced I was going to kill him. The whole trip did end up being almost worth it. We saw a lot more of the island than we would've otherwise, including some breath taking views where we were driving on the side of a mountain and the most picturesque little towns in some of the valleys and we still got to see the beach that we'd intended except at this point I had some how managed to convince the scooter to go 90km (who knew that was possible on a scooter!) so we saw it a lot quicker than originally anticipated.

That night at dinner we thought we'd finally figure out how we were going to get ourselves to the mainland. We realized in the middle of dinner that we had to catch an over night ferry back to Marseille instead of catching one the next day because it was 11 hour ferry ride. So after 8 hours on a scooter and no shower Chris packed our bags and I ran to the ferry terminal to get tickets. I also left him to have a hilarious conversation with hotel owner as to why he should give us a discount on the night because we weren't actually staying there. He managed to get 25 euros back but I still think I could've done better.

Sooooo long story short the 11 hour ferry ride ended up being on quite a lavish cruise ship so I got my cruise.

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