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We stopped at Homolovi Ruins State Park in Arizona for the night, it is on the East side of Winslow, AZ. We left Las Veagas after 9am and went straight down to I-40 because there is construction on the Hoover Dam and no trucks or RV's were allowed. That put us into California before we crossed over to Arizona. I found out that the anti-lock brakes work and that the 5th wheel doesn't jack knife. As we crossed the state line, a Semi-truck came across two lanes of traffic and ran me off to the shoulder before he saw me and pulled back. No damage done, but the contents in the trailer were knocked around a bit. He came up behind me, so I don't know why he did not see me. Oh well. We are heading to Kirtland Air Force Base tomorow night. That is just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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