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Our plan yesterday was to put on some extra miles while the weather was good since we expected some nasty weather today. We were glad we did because it took all we had to cover the 125 miles to Great Falls today.

It was just above freezing when we awoke and was still just above 40F when we had to check out at 10:30 AM. There was nothing much in Harlowton besides the motel, the bar/restuarant and a gas station; oh and of course wide open prairie as far as the eye could see in all directions.

We only had 125 miles to cover. How bad could it be? Well... Real Bad!

The rain started before we left the motel parking lot. It was a light rain but still wet. Once on the highway the side winds were fierce; reminicent of Labrador only colder. (We are doing this for fun right?)

It was only 40 miles to the first truck stop but we were glad to see it and quickly pulled in. The girl at the counter took one look at us and said "I guess you never got the memo" in reference to the weather.

We talked to several people who had come from Great Falls and they all told us it was worse going west with some snow. Needless to say we lingered over our coffee and pancakes. The worse part of stopping in weather like this is trying to get started again, but eventually we set out once more.

It did get colder but we did not run into any snow. The wind and light rain never did let up. We ended up stopping about every 30 miles and ducking behind whatever we could for a wind break and using the exhaust of the bike to warm our hands. We never did find another resturant or gas station open.

We finally hit Great Falls about 2:30 PM, checked into a hotel and jumped in a hot shower. The ride today was not quite as bad as that night in Labrador but it is a very close second. Hopefully things will improve for our last 700 KM home.

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