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We decided to take a tour bus this morning instead of a buggy ride because only so many buggy's can be in one sector of the city at one time so you do not see as much. There is so much history in this city it would be hard to begin to tell you. It has gone through the Revolutionary War, Civil War and several hurricanes and yet there are a lot of old buildings standing and have been saved from modern businessess. At one time this part of the city was under 9 feet of water from a hurricane.

In the afternoon we drove out to the Magnolia Plantation. We were able to go through the house and walk the grounds. I really did not think much of it. I wish we had gone through one of the older homes downtown.

There is a 4 block section that is under roof with brick sides that is all shopping that is called the Market Place. It is called that because the slaves used come to this area to buy the supplies (food etc.) for the plantations.

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