Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

The shore of Kejimkujik Lake

Our secluded campsite

A playground

Endangered turtles were being monitored by a group of volunteers

This turtle is only a few days old and has a radio...

The Mersey River

It was good to get into fresh water. Tom's kayak got the...

Paddling on the Mersey.

Toward Kejimkujik Lake

Kejimkujik Lake was marked with bouys



This was a fun paddle

Evening in the woods

Running away


A squirrel interrupted the deer

A young stag

Sunset on Kejimkujik Lake


Moon and lake

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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This is a video of kayaking on the Mersey River

Wednesday & Thursday, September 19, 20

We continued on down into the interior, about halfway across Nova Scotia, to Kejimkujik National Park, very woodsy with a lot of lakes and marshes. We stayed two nights, kayaked a bit, and relaxed from intense traveling. Tom ventured out at sunset on Thursday, and came across 3 white tail deer browsing in the woods near the trail. While he did not have his long telephoto lens, he was able to come very close to capture these relatively tame creatures with his camera. We departed on Friday morning for the South Shore and the Atlantic Ocean side of Nova Scotia. We began to wonder if we would ever see and experience the "wow."

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