Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

Gaspereau Valley with fog on the Bay of Fundy

Statue of the fictional Evangeline (from Longfellow's poem)

Church/Museum at Geand Pre.

This church has never been consecrated and is more of a tribute...

Inside the church. This shows the British removing the Acadians.

The Acadians were driven out of their land by the British. This...

Our camp

The fishing (lobster) harbor adjacent to our camp


The season was over and this small area was deserted


Our RV from the vantage of the harbor

Another gourmet meal prepared by Tom

Sun and fuzzy plants

Another Fundy sunset


Last rays.

The next day we explored Fort Royal

This is the first project in Canada to reconstruct an historic site

The project was begun in the late 1930's

The outpost was for fur trappers. These furs were made into fine...

Anne admires a leather tapestry

The kitchen

A complete blacksmith shop

A senior fur trapper's room. The other trappers slept in a bunk...

Set for dinner.

The French were Catholic - the church is part of the fort.

The store room with the products of the fur trade.

After Fort Royal, we visited the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal

Roses were in full bloom

A lovely pond

This is called a "carpet bed."



Yet another pond.

It was very relaxing after a busy morning.

Tuesday, September 18

On Tuesday, we visited Grand Pre, a memorial to the Acadians (the original French settlers) who were expelled and deported by the British in 1755. The museum showed a dramatization of the plight of the Acadians in a multi-media theater. From there we drove to Annapolis Royal, still on the Fundy Coast, and camped at an oceanfront campground. We visited nearby Port Royal on Wednesday morning, a reconstruction of the original fur trading French outpost in that area, followed by a lovely hour in the Historic Gardens right in Annapolis Royal. Annapolis Royal is a very small place, by the way.

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