Granny's First Trip 2007 travel blog

Bryce Canyon

Cedar Breaks

Fairy Canyon

Fall Colors

Harvest Moon

Natural Bridge

Navajo Trail - WAY down there between the rocks

Queens Garden

Queens Garden View

Rainbow Point

Window in the Rocks

We went out through the tunnel in Zion to drive out to Bryce Canyon. Pretty neat tunnel, it is over a mile long and they have windows cut into the side along the way. Bryce Canyon was mostly drive-by view points. We were looking down into the canyon at Bryce instead of up at walls in Zion. We only did a mile long trail between Sunrise and Sunset Points with overlooks of The Queens Garden. Granny took one look at the trail leading down through the rock formations and said no way. I took a lot of pictures, but I don't think I could do it justice with my camera. It was so massive and you have to see the formations together and from different angles to really get the full impact. I will come back here and be better prepared to do the hikes.

After Bryce Canyon, we went through the Dixie National Forest and stopped at Cedar Breaks National Monument. The visitor center was at point that was over 10,000 feet elevation. It snowed there Monday, but it had melted by the time we were there. Granny's ears were hurting her again going down to Cedar City. Maybe we need to head down out of the mountains soon.

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