Granny's First Trip 2007 travel blog

Confusing Sign

Begining Bridge

This is where we were going

Middle Pool

Down to the Lower Pool

We came down from there

Weeping Rock

Zion Canyon

Zion Flowers

About one third of the way

Water falling from the Middle Pool

We took the shuttle into the park today. Zion seems to be more of a place to visit for hikers, there is not much to see from the roadway. Our first hike was to the Emerald Pools. There are three sites, an Upper, Middle and Lower. The Lower Pools trail is listed as an easy hike and you can walk behind the falls. When we got on the trail, there was a sign that said Lower Pools 1.3 Miles - LEFT and Lower Pools .6 Miles - RIGHT. Granny felt good and it was cool outside, so she said to go left. It turns out that the path to the left went to the Middle Pools before the Lower Pools. That trail was listed as strenuous. Granny kept going though, it was quite a hike and we did get to see some incredible views. Two hours later we were back down along the shuttle route. After lunch at the Zion lodge, we went to the Weeping Rock and Hanging Gardens. This trail was a half mile round trip and was listed as being easy. I think they listed it wrong or we were wore out from the Emerald Pools trail. Either way, it was a sloping path up to where the water was seeping out of the cliff face. There was no places to sit and rest. We got done with that and went to the end of the canyon where the walls come together. We only walked about a half mile before turning around. We are going to go back to the visitor center and watch some of the ranger programs tonight and take it easy.

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