Northern Thailand and Burma 2007 travel blog

New mode of travel with security

Comparison of silk cocoons and process

We spent the morning watching CNN about Burma and waiting for our hostess, the Director of Goldsmyth School (jewelry/silver work for the palace) and vocational school. She picks us up at the embassy between 12 and 2pm

okay, our way of traveling has just been greatly updated. At the Surin province border we picked up a police escort. They blocked traffic and cleared the roads for us. As we passed thru each district we traded out police escorts. We have guards at the hotel and outside our rooms. Definitely a different way to travel. Toto....we are not in Burma anymore....

On our way into the town of Surin we stopped at a silk reeling factory, they have justed moved the machinery further south to be close to where the silkworms are raised. We were shown the raw silks and the natural dye products.

note, I will post correct names and spelling at a later date...

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