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Hey all!

So Nice... the south of france on the frickin Mediterranean!!! which by the way you float in. Its pretty much ridiculous. You just sorta lie back and well float.

We got a flat 2 blocks off the beach which originally was only supposed to be for 4 people. There were 5 of us girls staying there and I think at one point we had an additional 3 guests and well it was painfully cramped. Oh and the neighbor across the way was a real treat. She actually came over one day and told us to close our windows because she didn't want to have to look at our mess. Naturally we didn't close them and instead did laundry and hung all that up on the windows too so she'd have more too look at.

We did 2 day trips while we were there and saw Monacco and I'm very upset to say that it appears I will not be meeting a prince and marrying into royalty there. The only prince is like 40 and balding and definitely doesn't have any hot sons. But we did tour the castle which I didn't like THAT much anyway. And we saw where the formula une cars go and checked out the monte carlo casino. unfortunately for me, you have to be 21 to gamble there! wtf soooooo there was no gambling.

We also went to Cannes of the Cannes Film festival. If anyone else out there loves entourage you will definitely have heard of it. The beaches were amazing there and we got to go over to ile de margaret which is where the man in the iron mask was held in prison. I even went inside his cell.

There was some learning of french and I got some good phrases like Tu est tres chaud which basically means you want sex. But actually I can speak a lot more than I thought I could and when not, I just smile and it seems to do the trick.

As for night life there, I would be lying if I didn't say it was impossible to find a bar there. Like one night we wandered around for almost an hour, were on the verge of just calling it a night when we heard some music out by the waterfront, wandered out there and saw this huge party going on with a red carpet and all this swank white leather furniture. Turns out it was a party for a movie premier with french movie stars and everything and for whatever reason they let us in. Soooooo ya I went to a movie premier and danced the night away on the beach. Soooooo amazing. But other than that, we actually never found a discoteca aaaand we learned that if you want to sound not like a tourist you have to ask to go to a box. Anyways think of the jokes... what time does your box open hahahah

Oh ya and the beaches are all top-less beaches. But it seems that only the old women take advantage of this so all you see is the effect of gravity on 75 year old woman breasts and for whatever reason french men have decided that their national pass time will be ogling 75 year old saggy boobs so being at the beach is a real treat. I even caught a guy taking pictures with his cellphone of boobs! awkward.

oh and i pre-celebrated my birthday by having dinner out with the girls and we got a bunch of vic'ers together and we drank cheap champagne on the beach. And when I say cheap I mean less than 2 euros per bottle. Which takes me to my next point. The rules. We came up with a few rules to get through living in france.

The Cheese Buying Rules

1. Don't buy anything with mold on it. (seriously this exists and people love it.)

2. Don't buy anything blue.

3. Don't buy roquefort. It is sooooo stinky.

The Wine Buying Rules

1. Don't buy anything cheaper than 3 euros or you will be sick in the morning. (the sad part is how long it took us to figure this one out).

2. The more the better. (except before a french test at 9am)

2 euro champagne made for a very very very painful friday in class. But I still managed to pass my french test!

Anyways I'm off on more adventures and promise to update soon!


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