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Wisconsin Prairie Farm

Fall Color at the Three Lakes camp

Leaving Minneapolis - St. Paul behind, we headed up through the farm lands, toward the north woods of Wisconsin. This is very pretty rolling hill country with neat little farms. It looks like only a few years ago there was a farm every 160 acres, with a large barn, silo, chicken house, etc clustered around a neat white farm house. Many of the farms look like they are falling on hard times, or perhaps being absorbed into larger operations. Lots of roadkilled deer, a few pheasnts and even a couple of wild turkeys, along with many skunks and racoons and an occasional oppossum. I am trying to make inferences about the local wildlife populations by ocular surveys of traffic fatalities.

The fall colors are starting to show very nicely in this area, with 25 to 50% of the trees changed. I have never seen soy beans growing before this trip, and they look like fields of weeds that have been let dry out. Also, almost all of the corn is still standing, apparently waiting to be chopped for silage. Spent the night in a campground at Three Lakes, Wisconsin. This is a destination vacation area with more lakes than I can count - actually 28 reported in the Three Lakes chain, and pictures or mounts of big muskelunge, Northern pike and walleye in all of the cafes and gas stations.

There are lots of lake cabins and they tell us that this is year-around recreation country with fishing, hunting (early goose season was on, archery deer in some areas and rifle deer about to start)ice fishing, and snowmobile tracks. There are snowmobile crossings with rubberized white padding on many of the major roads - even the US highways.

Unfortunately, we can't stop and fish or spend the winter, but it is apparent that lots of folks do.

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