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Long drive from Moab to Zion. There was one stretch along I70 that went for 110 miles without any gas stations, food, buildings, trees, or anything. Just rocks and cliffs. The campground at Zion is right inside the park gates, and you can not drive into the canyon itself. There is a free shuttle for visitors that runs all day and we will be getting on it tomorow. The campground has over 100 spaces and it is completely full. I only had to back in twice to get into our space, even with everyone watching me. It is very pretty with the sun setting on the canyon wall. I will get up early to watch the sunrise tomorow.

Those pet tags that I bought at PetsMart work by the way. We stopped at a gas station to fillup and Granny's ears were hurting her after coming down out of the mountains. I filled the truck up and she went into the store. I finished pumping the gas, opened the truck door and put the receipt on the console then went into the store to check on Granny. Stephanie must have slipped out then. We were on the on-ramp getting on the interstate when Granny asked me where my cat was. I could not back down the on-ramp, so I went onto the interstate and whipped the rig around through the emergency turn in the median. By the time we got back to the gas station, the man and woman that pulled into the pumps after us had grabbed Stephanie and were calling my cell phone from the number that is on her tag. I have no idea how they caught her or even they got close enough to read her tag. Very nice people, I got VERY lucky.

Bryce Canyon is an hour away from here and we will be staying at this campground for two more nights.

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