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Much like the last week of the 1st installment of my trip (in May), the weather has turned. It is stormy on and off (in fact there were 4 mini tornadoes to the north and east of here), and I am hesitant to head out on a long walk in case I get caught in 1 of the downpours.

Not only that, but I feel like I am coming down with a bit of a cold -- a slight headache (maybe it's the change from Italian coffee to English tea?) and a scratchy throat. Must be my body telling me that it's time to relax. I've seen a lot on this trip, and have definitely seen a lot of the Cotswolds previously, so no real NEED to run around and see or do more. I'm just going to take it easy, do some reading (which I never seem to get to while on vacation), sit by the fire, watch some movies, walk to the pub, visit Ali for tea, and just hang out for the rest of the week. Patricia will be up from London on Wednesday and then again on Friday for the weekend, so we'll maybe get out and do something then. The only bad thing is that my tan will probably fade by the time I return home.

I may or may not write anymore on this trip, depending on if anything seems to warrant another entry. As before, the writing has taken longer than I ever expected, and it may be nice to take a break for the rest of my trip.

Anyways, it's difficult to write on a laptop when you have a lap cat as well. :)

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