Granny's First Trip 2007 travel blog

End of the line

Park Avenue

Skyline Arch

Skyline Arch1

Delicate Arch

Double Arch

Sky through Double Arch


Balanced Rock

Dead Horse overlook

Green River overlook

Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch1

Garden of Eden


Awesome day. I wish everyone of you guys could be here to see this place. I have a lot a pictures and I am posting them as I can. Granny survived several hikes today. We picked short easy ones to do, but there were a lot of uneven stairs and slopes to navigate. I really like it here. I want to come back and spend more time hiking and exploring the back country. We have only spent two days here, but we are heading to Zion National Park tomorow. We will be staying there three nights. There is a freeze warning for tonight just north of us. I think we will be alright. So far our lights are working. I did have to buy some pvc cement yesterday, the galley tank drain line has come loose and I tried to re-seal it. We will find out how I did tomorow.

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