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Mt. Lassen Volcano on a clear day!

Some days the weather is in your favor and some days its against you...Today it was against us! We had planned to hike up to the peak of Mt. Lassen Volcano today but woke up to rain showers and thunder. We would have started at 8500 ft and ended at the top at 10,500 ft. It would have been a 2.5 mile zip zag hike up the side of the volcano but seeing as the mountain is a known attractor of lightening, the hike would have been miserable and dangerous. Therefore, I have posted a picture of the volcano I took two days before on a clear day. It was disappointing but just something to look forward to doing another time.

So, seeing as the weather in Shingleton seemed pretty permanent, we decided to pack up and head South a day early. Maybe we'll find the sun somewhere in California.

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