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Popo Agie River in Sinks Canyon

Trout pool at the Rise in Sinks Canyon


Steamboat Springs, CO

Had more problems with the left turn signal. Could not get it to work at all. Finally took the end and twisted it around three or four times and plugged it back in, that did the trick. I stopped at a parts store and have a circuit tester now. I think the problem is in the pigtail it self. I have a picture of the wiring in the junction box and if you can see, the yellow wire off the pigtail is cut. The green wire off the pigtail is spliced into the yellow/white wire and the green wire of the RV. All connections are tight.

We left out of Sinks Canyon and tracked back east to Rawlins, WY so we could avoid a place called South Pass (big warnings about it in the Mountain Directory book that Granny bought). Once we left Lander, the wind picked up again. I was watching the boards that I keep in the back of the truck for the landing gear be blown around (2ft pieces of pressure treated 1X6's) and decided they should be put inside the RV. We saw less than a dozen buildings for over 100 miles. We crossed the Continental Divide three times. Our first town after leaving Wyoming was called Craig, Colorado. And, yes we got a T-Shirt for Craig. We will also be dropping the latest batch of postcards in the Craig post office. The postmark should read CRAIG, CO.

We are staying at the Yampa River State park tonight. We went down to Steamboat Springs for supper. We ate at a "cook it yourself" steakhouse (like The Grate Steak in Norfolk). Good steak and fun to do. We should be in Utah tomorow. We hope to stay in a Bureau of Land Management campground on the Colorado river, just outside Arches National Park and North of Moab.

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