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I dislike days when I have to say my goodbyes to people and places. Such is the case with Verona. But Davide says that if you come to Verona twice, you will come a 3rd time. And since I did return this week, that has guaranteed me a 3rd visit someday in the future!

After a bit of a sleep-in and a late breakfast, I made my way to the airport at Bergamo. The drive was just over 2 hours, door to door. I had to return the car by 1:00'ish, and I have decided to just kill the time at the airport until my flight to London.

I checked into the flight at 5pm (RyanAir), and shortly thereafter it was announced that the flight would be delayed. But it ended up only about 20 minutes late leaving. RyanAir, BMI Baby, MyAir, they all seem to be about the same. Except that RyanAir does not have reserved seats (like Southwest Airlines in the US), and everybody makes a mad rush for the airplane's front and rear doors. Not quite sure why. I leisurely made my way, taking the second bus from the terminal to the plane, got on through the front door, then plopped myself into the window seat of the 2nd row. All of the rows, other than the front 1 and the exit rows, are the same anyway ... no first-class seating here! Most of the flight is taken up with the flight staff selling drinks, duty-free and scratch tickets (can't get away from those things!). It was only about 2 hours (with 1 hour given back on the time change).

The flight landed at Stanstead, about an hour from Liverpool Station via a fast train. Still, by the time I got through immigration, picked up my luggage (both very quick), got the train, then taxied to Patricia and Terry's place, it was almost 10pm. They are leaving early morning for Vertheuil, so I will have their London flat to myself for the weekend.

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