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Yesterday was one of those days when we simply allowed the circumstances to control our lives. We had our usual morning coffee together, talking quietly about some plans for the future. Then I went outdoors to start waxing the truck. I had part of it done when Marilyn came out and asked me to go with her to Quincy, Il. We were going to shop for a Christmas gift for our son-in-law, Steve.

Bud & Nancy had stopped by to talk while I was working on the truck. They were also going to Quincy, but their trip was to visit friends who had been in a terrible accident.

They asked us to keep an eye on Hershey, their cute little dog.

A visitor from Colorado also stopped by to talk. He was waiting for his tour group to be called for a tour of Mark Twain Cave. We had a nice visit, but I wasn't getting much work done.

Sherry called on my cell-phone while I was up on a ladder cleaning the top of the sunroof on the truck. She is on her way back to this area for our class reunion. We haven't seen Rick & Sherry since our trip to Alaska together at the end of July. It will be good to see her again. Rick is working and wasn't able to join her for this trip.

I put my cleaning and waxing equipment away and cleaned up a bit while Marilyn walked Hershey, and then we jumped into the van and took off.

We had lunch at "Panera Bread" in Quincy. We both had the broccoli cheese soup and a Greek salad. Yummy!!

When we had found the gift we wanted for Steve, we returned to Hannibal, with a stop at the "Good will" place to drop off more clothing we no longer want to carry around in the RV. We also picked up a few groceries and returned to the RV.

We were relaxing in the coolness of the hummimg A/C and I was thinking about going out in the heat to grill some pork steak, when the phone rang.

It was Rodger and Renee calling to see if we could meet them at "Fiddlesticks" for dinner. They are just passing through Hannibal, so we joined them for dinner.

We said goodbye with hugs all around and promised to get together in the valley during the winter.

Marilyn and I had recorded the opening "Survivor" show and watched that before I headed off to bed to read for awhile.

We both had a good night of sleep and now we are up and at 'em. Marilyn is getting coffee ready. She plans to do the laundry today while I go to Kahoka to help decorate for the class reunion, which is tomorrow night.

One more thing to tell you is that the journal entry I would normally write on Sunday morning will be late and maybe will be missed, because I will be in Kahoka, MO overnight. I will take the laptop with me and may get things written. We'll see.

Well folks, it is time to get started on the day. Hope you all have a good one. I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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