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Helen Keller's Home

Only two bedrooms in here

Dining room

Original pump


Today we drove about 40 miles North of Red Bay to Tuscumbia, Alabama. It is Helen Keller's home town. Helen Keller's dad originally owned 650 acres and called it Ivy Green. The house, a lot of its contents, and some of the out buildings have been preserved. The original pump is there.

This is the dining room where she threw her tantrums and threw food.

"Since Helen's parents catered to her every whim, her teacher (Anne Sullivan) soon realized she would have to get Helen away from her parents in order to be able to control her tantrums and teach her, so this cottage (right next to the house) served as the school house." ---- taken from the pamphlet.

...I had forgotten that they took Helen for a 2 hr buggy ride just to make her believe that she was far from home and her parents so Anne Sullivan could do her job.

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