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So this is Wyoming, big deal

Hello, OnStar?

Granny gets a flower

Crossing the Popo Agie

Home for the night

We left for Sinks Canyon a little late, but our lights were working. We checked them at every stop. We stopped counting deer and antelope in favor of something more rare - trees. As far as you can see, horizon to horizon, nothing but sage brush and hills. As we topped one hill, the scenery stayed the same, no buildings, no trees.

Then the wind started. I was really feeling the RV being pushed all around. With the hills and wind, I had to keep the truck running at over 4000 rpm just to make 50 mph. That cut the gas mileage down to under 5mpg. We went through a tank of gas very quickly. Remember what I said about the scenery? No buildings also means no gas stations. No worries though, all you have to do is push the little blue OnStar button and in about 30 minutes a friendly guy in a tow truck pulls along side of us and puts $5 worth of gas in the truck. He then leads us to the nearest gas station. Very friendly folks at OnStar. Pretty soon and we will be on a first name basis.

We are on battery again tonight and do not know if we will stay here tomorrow.

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