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Our home in Tenn.

Mozie our big cat. She likes to mozie around.

I have been having problems with my PC running slow. I have been copying movies and I think that it is filling my hard drive. I try to find them but, They just don't show up where ever I look. I've tried everything. I am going to contact Dell and maybe they will be able to help me. I may have to back up everything and start all over.

Well the season is starting to wind down. The tours through the cave are down to two or four persons per tour. Pretty soon it will be down to one person per tour. We have about 6 weeks left and we will be headed back to Tenn. for the winter. From what I hear everyone will be back next year. That's the first time this will happen. We usually have new high school kids every year. Everyone is asking for the site they want next year. I'm thinking Fran and I will move our RV to the back part of the campgrounds. It is quiet there, plus there is a cenemt pad there which will make it nicer. We like to let our pets out to roam around, so that will be nice for them. Nobody close for them to be scared of.

We finally have the day off. we have a few chores to take care of. The other day when I was at the Rock Shop it was so slow , so I vacumed our van, man was it dirty. It looks new now. Nice and refreshing. Now I have a big job washing our RV. It is aways hard for me with my handycap and all. I have to do because I see that we have some algie on the north side of it. Not looking forward to that.

Boy it seem we haven't had time to do anything extra this year, with working all the time and my feet this year have been hurting bad. I did get some med for the doc. to help and it has except it sends me to the head all the time, and I mean bad stuff he, he.

Well I'll get off here now and sow of the things I need to do. So,

Catch ya later, sooner this time I hope.

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