Northern Thailand and Burma 2007 travel blog

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Work up this morning at 4am to thunder and rain. When I ventured out I found the hotel surrounded by water. Fortunately only our street was flooded and we made our way out of town. On the way to Chiang Mai we stopped at a beautiful wat. Wat Rong Khun. It is a contemporary wat and is wonderful. The artist has blended history with his own art. It is in Thai but click on the link and then click on some of the thai letters at the bottom of the page.

We moved on to a hot spring, Mae Chedi. Sales women swarmed around you to sell you eggs in a basket that you can boil in the hot springs.

We stopped at a few manufacturing sites, an umbrella making factory, lacquerware, silk and woodworking. All gave an insight into how items are crafted now in Thailand and how the government support has formed their structure from village to factory setting.

Finally on to Chiang Mai, we saw alot of local flooding but the main road has been built up away from the water. while we were on the road we contacted a museum, Sbun-Nga Texile Museum, I wanted to visit. They are closed on Wednesdays, the next day, they closed in the evening at 6:30pm and it was we went to the museum for a very short time. The collection was beautifully staged and took time to explain each costume setting. The Burmese outfits were of the older style and draped gracefully. Sbun-Nga deserved more time but I only had the 1/2 hour. If you visit Chiang Mai, remember the museum is closed on Wednesdays!

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