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Devils Tower2


We walked the 1.3 mile trail around Devil's Tower this morning. We saw a purcupine and a deer. We decided to move the RV down to Keyhole State Park so we could hook up to power and make sure everything was dried out after last nights leak. There are so many of the prong horn antelope here that Granny quit counting after 200. The deer are just about as plentiful, but they do not group together as the prong horns do. The guy at Keyhole SP told us that the prong horns are considered a nuisance by the locals, they eat everything in your yard and stand in the middle of the road.

As far as the lights go:

I applied some PFM and they are working.

I went to Sundance last night hoping to find a circuit tester. That town is a little bigger than Pedro, so no circuit tester. This morning I got under the trailer and traced out the wires, no appearent faults. The emergency flasher would barely work with the lights on, but not at all with them off. I rechecked the fuses in the truck and swapped right and left. I looked again at the junction box wires. Nothing obvious. I wanted to try to reverse the right and left signal at the plug and I remembered Granny told me that Anthony had it plugged in upside down the first time he worked on it. I pulled the plug and shoved it back in upside down. Emergency flashers worked on both lights. I pulled the plug again and plugged it in correctly, now the left turn signal is working. Could it be a problem in the pig tail and as I twisted it upside down, the loose wire made contact again? I will have to watch it. If I can buy a new pigtail and connectors, I can replace it if you guys think I should.

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