RVing - West Coast to East Coast and Back Again or Big Loop of the USA 2007 travel blog

Val,Johnny and John Raymer

John & Val's house in Marathon

Man's place-In the kitchen!

The Sears Bunch, Dennis, John,Val,Patti,Mark & Jan

WED 9-12

We set up camp in Marathon Park, a large wooded park in the middle of Wausau, WI. John met us at the park. It was so good to see him again after 30+years. It was also good to see he was still the same funny and wonderful person he was years ago. His wife Val met us after work and we went to a nice restaurant for dinner to catch up on each others lives. John has taken a few days off from his Printing business to be with us. He and Val have wined and dined up with the best hospitality possible. We went sightseeing through Wausau and Marathon city where they live. Val and I went shopping on Friday and then to their house for dinner. They have a lovely 1906 house which has been thoroughly renovated into a warm and inviting home filled with their hobbies and personalities. We met their handsome 22yr old son Johnny and employees and associates from work. Today (Sat) we made a surprise visit to Dennis & Jan Glenn with whom we also worked with at Sears in Montclair, CA. They didn't even recognize us at first. We spent a couple hours catching up with each other. Tomorrow (Sun) we will all go out to dinner together. Monday we will have the transmission fluid changed in the motor home and have John and Val over for dinner at our place and then on the road again Tuesday morning. We are hoping John & Val will visit us in Washington in the near future. Thanks again for a wonderful stay in your beautiful state.

WED 9-19

We are now in Gaylord, Michigan for the night. Last night we spent in a lovely National Forest Park on Lake Michigan. It was windy when we started out this morning. We were almost blown off the Mackinaw Toll Bridge but made it here in one piece and spent the rest of the day doing wash, taking showers and updating our website. The next couple days will be traveling to New York and staying in our favorite free resort Wal-Mart. We will update you from New York.

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