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Work Bays


Yes, we are still here. They got us into a bay today and fixed a lot of what we needed. They are on the "hurry up and wait" system here. They really do not have the urgency here that we have on the West Coast. We had heard this about the South - believe me it is true! Maybe they do not get ulcers either!

The campground (if you can call it that) we are in is on an old cement runway and we do have full hook-ups. There are about 90 spaces (one right next to the other) three rows. They have 40 bays for work. If you do not have an appointment (which they are booked up for a year in advance) you get what they call a 3 hr express in which they fix as much as they can on your list. But given the lack of urgency your 3 hrs usually runs into 5. Let me tell you it has been hard to sit here and do nothing for 5 days. The good part -- we have met so many wonderful people from all over the country. After sitting with them all day for several days you think you have known them for a long time. They have given us names of places to stay and things to do in NC and SC.

The town of Red Bay is about 3200 people and Tiffin Motor Homes employs about 1000 of thos. There is a dog food company and that is the next big employer.

One more day for shades work. We will stay here Thursday night and then we will be on our way! Cheryl

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