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The left turn signal stopped working again. Checked fuses and plugged and unplugged the pigtail several times. No blinker and no brake light. Only lights when head lights are turned on. Right turn signal is fine. Swapped bulbs, replaced bulbs, no luck. Nearest RV dealer in Gillette, WY will not get to us until next week. I can buy a meter and ring out the lines, but do not want to open up the wires and create a larger problem. Anything you can tell me would be great. Call me if you can. We are going to head into Sundance to see if we can get better cell phone reception.

Also, just reading about the plug from the Keystone website. We were on battery for the first time last night. The meter in the kitchen on read 3/4. This is after being hooked up to the truck for 2000 miles.

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